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The fully automatic superstructure can be opened at the push of a button. It is ready for loading/unloading within seconds and multifunctional in usage; an investment of lasting value, with decades of experience and convincing quality.


  • Time-saving:
    fast, automatic opening and closing within only 10 seconds. Automatic locking.
  • Space-saving:
    the lateral space needed for opening and closing the side-wall is about only 520 mm. Additionally, low height chassis construction is possible.
  • Weight-saving:
    the appliction of leightweight panels increases the payload.
2nd place at the trailer innovation competition 2009
Due to its complex design and integrated hydraulics, the SideLiner is only available as a completely pre-assembled body, including substructure. The substructure will be made according to the chassis configuration provided by the customer. If desired, the complete body can also be painted.
Lateral loading height H 001 2.200 mm
Interior height H 002 2.200 mm
Height beneath CRS light H 003 2.100 mm
Height beneath CRS II H 003 2.100 mm
Loading height rear H 004 2.170 mm
Total body height
H 005 2.410 mm
Modular dimensions H 001 none
max. 2.600 mm
Total 4.600 mm
  5.200 mm
  6.200 mm
  6.700 mm
  7.350 mm
  7.700 mm
  8.150 mm
  8.550 mm
  9.300 mm
  Intermediate lengths possible in 100 mm steps
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