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You are a truck and trailer body manufacturer?
This is your opportunity to get access to your local beverage & logistic market!



Swing wall body that opens on the roof

The certified KettLiner beverage body has been proven more than thousands of times. It convinces not only by its easy and lasting chain mechanism, but ...



Sliding tarpaulin body with aluminium panels

The perfection of curtainsider technology, needing no buckles, nor middle posts, nor side slats!



Sliding tarpaulin body with aluminium panels

The CityServer is the weight-optimized version of the SafeServer, perfectly suited for distribution in inner cities. It is manufactured in lightweight aluminium construction.

Safeserver C+

SafeServer C+

Sliding tarpaulin with roof bows

The SafeServer C+ „the manifold“ is compatible with different types of chassis, swap containers and various loads and goods; it can be easily and completely pushed above the load without demanding any further space.

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