GeBoKit GmbH
Belinger Str. 78 | DE-54516 Wittlich-Wengerohr | Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 6571 - 1499 473

Body manufacturers can open up new markets with body kits or assembled super-structures by GeBoKit (German Body Kit).

The available kits and superstructures for swing wall bodies, sliding tarpaulin bodies and city distribution bodies are manufactured with high quality. All bodies have been successfully applied for decades.

The easy SKD principle allows fast assembly without time-consuming training or complicated logistics. The kits consist of high quality components to be easily as-sembled in your workshop. Alternatively, GeBoKit supplies assembled superstruc-tures to be fitted on the chassis only.

In case of spare parts requirements, those can be ordered directly from our website or by phone, and will be delivered within only one day.

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