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The original is ready for loading within seconds by a simple push. It has been patented, certified and repeatedly rewarded; an investment of lasting value, with decades of experience and convincing quality.


  • Safe: incorporated cargo control:
    the aluminium panels are opened to the exterior and cannot collide with the load.
  • Fast: opening and closing within seconds:
    no need of side slats, sliding pillars, lateral belts or tension ratchets.
  • Sensational: robust and durable:
    front and rear wall frames are screwed,sliding rails shock-resistant, outer frame canted in one piece.
The SafeServer kit is send as modular kit and contains following components: front wall, rear portal for mounting rear doors or tail lift, outer frame, roof, side panels, side tarpaulin as fitting material – all components are to be screwed. The rear stanchions and stanchions of the front wall are made of galvanised steel (optional made of inox steel). The front wall is also available with flat loading. The filling of the front wall, side panels and the additional parts are made of aluminium, the shims and tracks are made of galvanised steel. They are also screwed with the outer frame. The side tarpaulin made of 900 g/m² quality are supported with welded belts and have to be connected with side panels. The roof is available as fixed roof (made of gfk or aluminium) or as sliding roof (optional with elevating roof function).
Lateral loading height H 001 2.200 mm
Interior height H 002 2.250 mm
Height beneath load securing
H 003 2.140 mm
Loading height rear H 004 2.200 mm
Rack unit H 001 min. 1.600 mm
in 50 mm steps
max. 2.900 mm
Total 4.600 mm
  5.800 mm
  6.200 mm
  6.700 mm
  7.350 mm
  7.720 mm
  8.200 mm
  8.800 mm
  13.620 mm
  Intermediate lengths possible
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